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Caliber's .9 Millimeter
"Nine" as we know him, is, along with his brother, the beginnings of Caliber Canines, he came home with us at 6 weeks old, and has grown up to be a very special part of our family, (Sally's little boy), he is a very attentive, protective, and loving young man, that I believe would do whatever it took to protect his family, He has proven himself to be very trustworthy around children, and handles himself in a very "laid-back" manner,
He has also proven himself to be a good daddy, as his first litter was just recently born. Given Nine's personality, I suspect his "kids", will make wonderful additions to any family.
Caliber's ".40 Caliber"
"Forty", is a very special dog in my heart, when he was just a few months old, he decided to do some renovations at the house, he figured it would be a good idea to attempt to relocate an electrical socket, he would soon learn, that it was not a good idea, well, after a near-death experience, he and I developed quite a bond with each other,(and the folks at Calhoun Pet Care).
Forty is a beautiful liver color, and has his own special personality going on, being Nine's littermate, and best bud growing up, he decided that he was not going to share his food with his brother, there is that "alpha male" thing going with the two of them,... but the way I understand it, it's only when I am around.

Caliber's "Contessa Belle's Bullet", Bullet, is a beautiful little girl, a black and cream color, from a fine pedigree, her great grand dad on moms side is Faust Cierna Vdova
(Velmi Dobra 5Y1/P Faust Cierna Vdova, DN06675201 HD-FCI: A 1/2) and she is the great,great, granddaughter of the great Car Policia, SVV1, SO,H-3 SHPK/01562/93/95/97, Titles:H1 H2 H3, SVV1, SO
And that's just her momma's side, Daddy Ringo has quite a background himself.  Our lil' Bullet is such a sweet dog, she came home from Diamond E Ranch, in southwestern Nebraska, They have such a wonderful combination goin on with Tess and Ringo, and they just keep having great puppies,
Our plans for Bullet are to utilize her amazing skills, in a Search and Rescue Team here in north Georgia, Bullet has a great nose, and she knows how to use it, she has proven again and again in training sessions, that she is not afraid to go do the job. She will save a life some day.
Bullet's "working" background is evident, in her actions and attitude, she is a very affectionate dog, but she is also a no BS dog, down the road, she will be matched with a male from similar working background, but for now, its work time for her
 Caliber's ".45 Caliber",came to us,
at about 9 months old, her "owner" had a tough time going on, and thankfully, chose to let .45 go to a different home,
What a great girl she is, very determined, focused, smart as a whip, all with a sense of humor,.. there is no pulling anything over on 45, she knows what's going on, she surely has something up her sleeve for you, .45 is a "talker", she loves to tease her kennelmates, get's them all worked up, then walks away with a smile on her face. She is a very family oriented girl, loves the grandkids, and acts just like them when they play together.
.45 has been very healthy, she has beautiful coloring, great eyes, and moves with the agility expected of the breed. We at Caliber, cant wait to see what .45 has planned for the future
Caliber's ".44 Caliber" our Belgian Malinois, came from a camp down in Tallahassee, FL,
She is a classic example of what a Malinois is, constant energy, sheer strength, and loyalty to her family, I think deep down inside .44 really would just like to be a lap dog, she is a very affectionate, loving, and obedient dog, and I think sometimes her energy level even surprises her, she loves her tennis balls, and would chase them all day long if you would let her, .44, along with Bullet, will be an integral part of the SAR program, she is a very smart, driven little dog, her health has been great,(I guess i'd be in pretty good shape too, if I ran around as much as this one does), and the older she gets, the prettier her coat becomes, she shares a kennel with Blue, and they do well together, she too does good around the kids, although, she doesn't stand still long enough for them to pet her, but, hey, how many kids can say they live with a Tasmanian Devil???
Caliber's "Trigger", they say a picture is worth a thousand words,
 Well, they are right, there is no better way to describe Trigger, He came to us a few months ago, from a family in Lawrenceville, he was checked by my Vet upon arrival, and found to be heartworm positive, he has gone through both treatments, and progressed well, He is such a good dog, with a goofy personality, you cant help but laugh at some of the things he does,
Caliber's"Blue Steel",                  And along comes Blue, Born in February, to 2 cool dogs, of which we have both now, Trigger and Mace, Blue is of the long hair line of GSD, she started off a little reserved, I stop short of saying timid, but choosing her kennelmate .44, has really brought out the real Blue, she is energetic,bold,and inquisitive, she enjoys spending time playing with her dad and mom, and now shows no fear of dealing with the other dogs, She is predominately black and tan, but when the sun hits her right, the blue becomes evident,
Blue is growing into a wonderful young lady, that is showing a personality aimed at being like her dad, with the energy that has been tweaked by her time with .44
Caliber's "Ebony Mace"
"Where is the ball, Dad?", Mace, she will chase the ball as long as you will throw it, a big dog of smaller stature, you don't want to mess with Mace, she is a very protective girl, she knows who belongs and who does not, she is a very vocal dog, expresses herself without hesitation,
Mace is a beautiful black and tan, with hints of red, a very nice gait, and has been very healthy, we are looking forward to Mace's next group of babies, as evidenced by Blue, she makes nice puppies.
Caliber's "Hammer"
Hammer has quite a story behind him, a friend of mine told me that there was a GSD at the Gordon county shelter, and that his time was limited, so I proceeded to go check it out, sure enough, Hammer found himself a kennel in the isolation area at the kennel, Apparently, he found himself in need of a home, so rather than waiting for someone to adopt him, he adopted some older man out in the county, well, I guess the man didn't want him there, so after a while, he called GCAC and they went out to get him, well, I guess he was not very happy about someone trying to take him away from his home, so he chose to show his (for lack of a better word), assertive side, that earned him the isolation kennel, during my visit with him, he showed who he really is, a good dog, that got a bad hand dealt to him, after coming home, we went to see Dr.Hogan, and proceeded to get the heartworm positive word, Hammer has adjusted well to family life, is on the way to recovery from his heartworm problem, although he is the biggest in stature, he is also pretty big at heart, I firmly believe that Hammer was someone's dog, and I pray that his owner didn't turn him loose because of the heartworm, but whatever the case, Hammer has a good home where he is loved and taken care of, and provided his Dr. says OK, he may even get to take a crack at being a daddy again.
Caliber's "38 Special"
.38 just joined us here at Caliber, she is a Silver Sable that came from a beautiful silver momma, and a great black and tan daddy, she has a very sweet disposition, and is very playful, and will be a big part of Caliber Canines ability to provide the highest quality of GSD, we will post more as we learn about her and her qualities
Caliber's ".50 Caliber"
.50 is .38's big brother, the key word being "big", He is a feisty one, fearless already, whenever he comes out to run, the first place he goes is to see the big dogs, they bark at him, and he barks right back, a beautiful Silver Sable, he too will play a big part in the future of Caliber Canines,
Caliber's "Pearl"
Pearl has not joined us yet, we expect her around the 1st week of July, she is a beautiful pup, which is just an indication of how good she will be as she grows,
We will post as she arrives to her new home
Caliber' "Saber"
This is Bullet's little brother, he and his siblings arrived with us here at caliber on father's day, a BIG thank you to Justin and Willie for making that happen safely, Saber has a great personality,  and already acts like he is ready to go to work.
Caliber's "Target"
And Bullet's little sister, she too arrived Sunday, amazing little dog,what a "rabble-rouser", given the quality of our Bullet, acquiring her siblings was a "no-brainer", we will keep you posted as to her progress.
Caliber's "Tracer"
Another of Bullet's brothers, his first puppy picture made it clear to me that I had to have him as a part of our family, what a good call that was, the first picture I saw of him, was nothing in comparison to what this dog is,
He has a great drive already, and there is not a timid bone in his body, I am so looking forward to working with him to hone his search and rescue skills.
We are members of the German Shepherd Dog Club Of America, we are proud of our affiliation with this club, that continues to support the breed, and assure that the GSD's across the country are protected and promoted in the proper manner.
We strongly suggest, if you share your life with a GSD, that you join this great organization, and help support them in their quest to do what's best for the German Shepherd Dogs throughout the country.
You can contact them @
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